Orientation at Concordia begins with our PREPARE series of virtual and in-person programming, followed by our main virtual event, DISCOVER. Next, we invite you to CONNECT, START, and EXPLORE! Each component offers something completely different, and all are opportunities to learn about everything Concordia has to offer. For the full Orientation experience, we encourage you to join us every step of the way!

You can register for our DISCOVER event by clicking on the “Register Now” button at the top of the page. To learn more about our other Orientation offerings and register for more events, visit Concordia’s main Orientation website.

Frequently Asked Questions

All new Concordia students (undergraduate and graduate) should attend.
Current Concordia students may also attend.
  • To set yourself up for a successful start to your first term at Concordia
  • To meet and chat with your Concordia support system
  • To discover things about Concordia you may not already know
  • To ask the right people any questions you have (and get answers to questions you sometimes didn’t even know you had)!
  • To better understand the university and how to navigate it
We highly recommend you attend as many orientation events as you can! To view our full line-up, visit our main Orientation website. However, if you cannot attend our other events, this DISCOVER event is a great place to learn essential beginning-of-degree information and get your most pressing questions answered by key support staff members and services.
Yes, you need to register for this online event. Click on the “Register Now” button at the top of the page to complete the registration form. Once submitted, you’ll receive an email confirming your registration for the event.
  • Complete the registration form to secure your spot at the event.
  • Block your calendar (and note the time zone!) to ensure you will have enough time to attend the event.
  • Consult the DISCOVER section of our Orientation website and plan your day in advance to ensure you don’t miss the live sessions most relevant to you
  • Browse the list of booths in advance and identify the ones you want to visit during the event.
  • Write down any questions you’d like to ask, so you don’t forget to ask during the live event.
  • Arrange access to a computer or mobile device for the day of the event. If you will not have access to the appropriate equipment, please contact us at orientationinfo@concordia.ca a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection and access to one of these web browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.
  • If possible, set up in a quiet space for the duration of the event, or have earphones easily accessible.
  • Read all of these FAQs and the Event Code of Conduct in advance.
  • Prepare snacks and refreshments to enjoy during the event!
No. You are not required to download or install any software to participate. An internet connection to one of these web browsers - Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari - is the only technical requirement. Zoom is used for some activities and presentations, so access to Zoom on your computer or mobile device is recommended.
No, a webcam is not required to participate. Video chats with Concordia representatives, student representatives and other new students are available, but entirely optional.
When not interacting with others, we invite you to turn off your webcam and reduce streaming quality in order to reduce your energy consumption and help Orientation be a sustainable event.
Concordia’s Orientation events aim to be inclusive and accessible so that all individuals, including individuals with disabilities, can engage and participate fully. To this end, we will be providing closed captioning in all of our info sessions. You will also be able to access presentation recordings, documents, and booth videos for 30 days after the live event, in case you are unable to access the event live on August 16, 2023.
If you need additional accommodations, you can contact the Concordia Orientation Planning Committee at orientationinfo@concordia.ca. Please notify us of your request no later than August 1, 2023 so we can try to coordinate your accommodations in time for the live event date.
  • Speak directly with Concordia staff and experienced, upper-year students at the virtual booths to ask questions and pick up tips
  • Attend information sessions to gain key insights about starting your first year at Concordia
  • Learn more about and register for other orientation events, where you’ll be able to meet other new students, make friends, and tour Concordia’s campuses
You’ll be able to live-chat with:
  • Yes, you can log in and out of the DISCOVER orientation event at any time during the live period (9:00 am – 1:00 pm EDT). However, we highly encourage you to consult the event program and plan your day in advance to ensure you don’t miss the live sessions most relevant to you.
  • Yes, the online event platform will be accessible from August 16, 2023 to September 16, 2023 so you can access much of the event’s content after the live day has passed.
Much of the content from the live day is still available online for you to explore! If you already have login credentials for the event (these would have been emailed to you following your registration), simply log into the event at your convenience. If you haven’t registered yet, click on the “Register Now” button at the top of this page and complete the registration form. You will then receive your login credentials by email, which will allow you to log into the event and start exploring immediately.

You are also invited to attend our other Orientation offerings. Check out our full line-up on Concordia’s main Orientation website.
Since this event is offered online, many information sessions were recorded for you to revisit whenever you’d like, up until September 16, 2023. Many of the presentations can be watched and re-watched at any time and it’s still possible to visit and pick up key information from the booths. The only difference is that Concordia staff are no longer live at the event to chat with you on the spot. Instead, you will see contact information at each booth that you can use to get in touch with the department(s) you have questions for, or want to learn more about.

Event Code of Conduct

Our DISCOVER orientation event strives to foster a space for exploration that is open, inclusive and diverse. We urge the participants to engage with one another encouragingly and constructively, and especially encourage participants to interact with those whose viewpoints, interests, cultural backgrounds, or experiences may be unfamiliar to them or outside their comfort zone.

The organizers expect that anyone participating in the event will – at minimum – treat others with respect for their dignity and autonomy. Behavior that violates these principles will not be tolerated, and may include sanctions up to and including expulsion from the event. Anyone who feels threatened or harassed while participating in the event should not hesitate to reach out to the organizers and can expect that any concerns shared will be taken seriously and handled with both discretion and dispatch.

Anyone wishing to report an issue or concern during the event is strongly encouraged to reach out to the organization team. They can be contacted via email at orientationinfo@concordia.ca. This address will be checked hourly between 8:30am and 1:30pm EDT on the day of the event.

Please note that participants may face penalties for the deliberate misuse or abuse of these spaces.